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April 2017 Blog Ideas

(These are just suggestions. We accept submissions within topics related to RMN’s mission.)

  • April 1 – April Fool’s Day – How does the spirit of humor or fun permeate your existence?
  • April 7 – World Health Day – What is the importance of health awareness and resources for LGBTQ individuals?
  • April 10 – Passover begins – How does Passover tie into your journey?
  • April 16 – Easter Sunday – How does Resurrection play a role in your life?
  • April 22 – Earth Day – Are you an environmentally-conscious person? How does this relate to your call and identity?
  • April is also:
    • National Poetry Month so send us a haiku, a limerick, a prose poem, or however your poetic muse inspires you to show off your creativity!
    • Stress Awareness Month – what are some practices for self-care you have incorporated as an LGBTQ individual or ally?
    • Sexual Assault Awareness Month – LGBTQ folx are exceptionally susceptible to sexual assault. How do you advocate for awareness?

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