The General Conference of The United Methodist Church will convene in Portland, Oregon on May 10-20. The global denomination will vote on whether or not the church will continue to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer individuals.

It’s Time to end the hurt that’s engulfed so many of our families.

It’s Time to welcome and celebrate everyone who comes to The UMC.

Thousands of United Methodists proclaim #ItsTime


Letters sent to delegates (so far!)

Stories shared

Act of Love Screenings Scheduled

You greatly amplified the call for justice and inclusion in The United Methodist Church by writing your delegates, sharing your personal stories, and hosting screenings of An Act of Love in your churches and communities!


It’s difficult to predict exact times in advance, but follow RMN social media for updates about when legislation related to full inclusion might be addressed by the plenary.

Hashtags to follow and use:

Official General Conference – #UMCGC
RMN It’s Time campaign – #ItsTime
Love Your Neighbor Coalition – #JustLove
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Forever in Peace May You Wave

As a church, Alum Rock UMC made the decision that the LGBTQI community was welcome to be part of the “church family” in 1999.  This wasn’t really new to most of us in the church, but it was the first time we made a public statement about it.  By the way, when we say...

Why Do We Go On and On About LGBTQ Inclusion?

One of the things I constantly hear, and have heard for years: “Why is The United Methodist Church so focused on human sexuality? We have so many other important concerns that we should be focused on.” There are so many more issues, but as long as one group is...

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