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New Reconciling campus ministry in Ft. Worth, TX

Religious Life Ministry at Texas Wesleyan University – Ft. Worth, TX

TWU Rel LifeWe, the Religious Life ministry at Texas Wesleyan University, affirm ourselves to be a Reconciling campus organization.

We find that it is vital for us as people of faith to be the love that Christ demonstrated which entails being loving, compassionate, and open to all people.  This means that extra efforts should be taken to reach those who have been marginalized and excluded by the Church on the basis of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or cultural background.  We believe that the call to discipleship is not exclusive and we as humans have no right or authority to exhibit exclusivity under the guise of Christ’s church.  An individual’s inherent state of being is not sin alone, and for God’s people to condemn one another is hypocrisy.

Wesleyan’s Religious Life believes that becoming a Reconciling ministry is not a fleeting gesture.  It is an imperative need for our religious organization to advocate for the compassion and principles of social justice that were so integral to Christ’s existence.  We are compelled to unite in the spirit of trust and reconciliation to further the genuine, compassionate message of the Gospel.  With every thought and faculty of our existence we must no longer subscribe to an apathetic lament for the last, the lost, and the least of the world.  To express discontent with the demeaning nature of society’s (and the church’s) attitude toward those they exclude and to remain inactive will no longer suffice, and we find ourselves called to active hospitality.  We are an ecumenical body of individuals—religious and secular—who wish to be advocates for Christ’s love in not only word, but in deed as well.

We, the members of Wesleyan’s Religious Life community have identified ourselves as open-minded, respectful, encouraging of critical theological understanding, and hungry for the implementation of social justice.  We seek to affirm these affirm these qualities by becoming a Reconciling ministry.