Reconciling Ministries Network

Rose City Park United Methodist Church of Portland, OR

After two years of study and conversation and uniformly supportive responses from the congregation, over seventy members of Rose City Park UMC submitted a petition to the Church Council for approval of the reconciling stamen and affiliation as a member congregation of the Reconciling Ministries Network. The church council and pastor then took responsibility for submitting the letter and statement to RMN.

Rose City Park began their process in 2008 with the establishment of an Inclusive Ministries Team (IMT) who were commissioned to help the church live more fully into the welcome statement adopted originally in 1998:

God, as known to us in Jesus Christ, welcome all. So do we. We seek to be a caring and inclusive community. All people of any race, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, economic status, or life situation are welcome here.

In Spring 2010, the Inclusive Ministries Team sponsored a series of videos and speakers to help the congregation study the systemic exclusion of persons with physical handicaps, homosexual / bisexual orientations, transgender identities, people of all races, and people with economic challenges. This series raised awareness of the official policies of the United Methodist church in regards to homosexuality, and led the Inclusive Ministries Team to seek action by the church to address this denominational exclusion.

Rose City Park UMC now seeks to continue their move from simply inviting new persons to true welcoming of all. To see the exciting ministries of Rose City Park UMC, visit online at: