Reconciling Ministries Network

Believe Out Loud Together - Jurisdictional Organizers 2010-2011

In 2010, Reconciling Ministries Network will kick off phase four of the Called to Witness (CTW) campaign, called Believe Out Loud Together. Believe Out Loud Together will equip Annual Conference Teams to increase visibility of the growing demand for full inclusion of all persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities at their Annual Conference . Jurisdictional Organizers serve as coaches, trainers and the primary connection between the RMN national office and Annual Conference Teams. Jurisdictional Organizers recruit and support Annual Conference leaders, lead a training, and follow up as campaign actions. Jurisdictional organizers are the keystone to preparing, supporting and mobilizing storytellers who will meet with every U.S. delegate to the 2012 General Conference.

Experienced Jurisdictional Organizers:

Troy Plummer, Rachel Harvey, Audrey Krumbach, RMN Staff
Laura Rossbert, Called to Witness Campaign Consultant, Nashville, Tennessee
Katy Krumbach, Atlanta, Georgia
Laura Young, Linden, Texas.
C. Kristian Clauser, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Derrick Spiva, San Francisco, California.
Eric Strader, Lakewood, Colorado.

New Jurisdictional Organizers:

Anthony Fatta

Anthony Fatta of Nashville, Tennessee is a second year student at Vanderbilt Divinity School and a graduate of Syracuse University.    He attended a Nashville area Called to Witness training in 2010 and has led the Divinity school community in dialogues around questions of sexuality, interfaith communities, and diversity. Anthony is excited to learn more about how inclusion work looks in particular congregations and faith communities.

Bridget Cabrera

Bridget Cabrera of New York City, New York graduated from Candler School of Theology in 2008 and is a member of the New York Annual Conference. Originally from Florence, Alabama Bridget served as campus minister and organized an Annual Conference Team in North Alabama. Her passion for inclusion and call to ministry are manifest in work advocating for young adults, LGBT persons, interfaith cooperation and others on the margins.

Britt Cox

An expert and advocate for prevention of domestic violence, Britt is a graduate of Southwestern College of Georgetown, Texas. Active in the Southwest Texas annual conference team, Britt has been a dynamo of energy in her area as she discerns a call to ordained ministry.   Britt brings a great vision for God’s work in our world, and brings great passion for “the larger movement of love, peace and justice that [she] believes God is calling the church to be.”

Christina Wright

An alum of the RMN Board of Directors and MOSAIC extension ministry, Christina has been active in the Reconciling movement for many years. A provisional Deacon in the United Methodist Church, she finished her M.Div in 2008 and served as a chaplain at The Cleveland Clinic before beginning her doctoral work in Psychology at the University of West Georgia. Christina hopes to not only help individuals experience God’s welcome, but also to “help those who want to offer a welcome learn to do so.”

Daniel Colbert

Daniel, a congressional staffer focusing on communications and media, is a longtime United Methodist and graduate of the University of Virginia. Daniel brings great experience as a political organizer to the campaign and combines a passion for advocacy with coaching skills and patience.

David Hosey

David Hosey will begin his first year at Wesley Seminary this fall after completing a three year mission internship with the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries.   David’s internship included service in Jerusalem with the Sabeel Liberation Theology Center and in Washington, D.C. with Education for Just Peace in the Middle East.   David’s passion for inclusion is well matched by his enthusiasm and committed work ethic for justice.

Ernest Lee

A resident of the beautiful city of Savannah Georgia, Ernie serves as legal counsel and administrative leadership for a variety of nonprofit organizations and brings many skills in outreach and publicity to the campaign.   Part of a deeply United Methodist family, Ernie has hosted a number of Reconciling events, house parties and staffed display tables at his home Annual Conference – South Georgia.   Ernie says, “I would like to see progressive Christians in the South begin to stand up for what they believe in.”

Greta Leach

A 2010 graduate of Iliff School of Theology, Greta serves as Director of Foundational Giving at The Gathering Place, a center for homeless and poverty-stricken women and children.   Greta’s passion for social justice led her to study liberation theology, and she has served with ministries addressing young and social justice, Israel-Palestine peacemaking, AIDS research and care for victims of domestic violence.

Judy Siegel

After many years as a Reconciling UM, Judy attended a Called to Witness training in 2009 and found “ownership, not only in my story yet again, but that my story is important and can help the UMC.”    An experienced political organizer and social media consultant, Judy lives out a deep passion for the church and our work in the world.   “There is something about hearing something personal and from the heart that softens others’ hearts, even if they don’t immediately agree with you. I’d like to help continue the good work that has already happened within the church.”

Kelly Frances Fenelon

A native of Mississippi and graduate of Princeton University, Kelly Frances is a second year student at Vanderbilt University. Active in interfaith ministries and an organizing intern with the Called to Witness 3: Believe Out Loud campaign, Kelly Frances is familiar with the hard work and great joys of church organizing. Kelly Frances’s vocation is to build communities of “respect, compassion, and support” within the church so that we might better seek faith together.

Siobhan Sargent

Siobhan currently serves St. Paul and St. Andrew (United) Methodist Church in New York City, NY as Associate Pastor where she leads and assists in a variety of ministries within and outside the church. Before moving to New York, Siobhan graduated from Vanderbilt University, where she served as a labor organizer with the interfaith coalition. Siobhan’s ministry is informed by her understanding that “the success of our campaign rest[s] solely on the ability to connect people who feel isolated and demonstrate to them that together, they can really make a difference… if only one step at a time.