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Altar for All

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More than a thousand United Methodist clergy, laity, and congregations across the world have signed statements committing themselves to fulfill their vow to ministry by marrying or blessing couples regardless of their gender. Almost half of the population of the United States and most of Europe lives where marriage or civil unions for gay and lesbian couples is legal. When parishioners come to their pastors to request that they officiate at their weddings, ministers face a conflict between their vow to minister to their whole congregation and their vow to uphold the Book of Discipline which asks them to deny ministry to some of their members. In the face of these conflicts, clergy are making conscientious decisions for ministry rather than exclusion. These clergy believe that to do so is a faithful act of witness that claims Jesus’ command to “love God and neighbor.” Regional coordinators are maintaining the lists of clergy who are moving forward with ministry to all prepared loving couples.

Altar for All Regional Organizers

Baltimore Washington
Mary Kay Totty 202.333.7212
Matt Mustard
Phil Wogaman 202.445.6845
California Nevada
Karen Oliveto 415.336.4007
John Oda 510.220.8959
Melinda Teter Dodge
Desert Southwest
Kimberly Scott
Eastern Pennsylvania
David Krueger
Andy Oliver 312.448.5305
Diane McClanahan 515.418.7766
Bruce Robbins 612.875.1733
Amy Jo Bur 507.341.1760
Walter Lockhart 651.646.3693
New York
Dorothee Benz 718.314.4432
Sara Lamar Sterling 646.533.2192
Scott Summerville 914.779.3722
New England
Leigh Dry 508.308.4836
Allen Ewing-Merrill 207.400.6262
Vicki Woods 774.696.9519
Northern Illinois
Gregory Gross 847.989.1656
Bonnie Beckonchrist 847 452 0731
Lois Parr 224.436.0769
Jim Gragg
Mark Davies
Oregon Idaho
Dave Bean 503.635.0173
Jeanne Knepper 503.709.4107
Marcia Hauer 503.349.4245
Pacific Northwest
Monica Corsaro 206.353.2637
Rocky Mountain
Eric Strader 720.287.1416
Gheeta Smith
Brian Rossbert 615.788.4927
Upper New York
Steve Smith
Steve Heiss 607.427.9756
For regional lists:
John D. Copenhaver, Jr. 540-327-6771
Rives Priddy
West Michigan
David Lundquistist 269.352.0582
Barry Petrucci 269.327.6643
Zach Oaster 616.856.2204
Sarah Beck