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Broad Ripple #UMC of Indiana changed their sign this Sunday following the passage of the discriminatory #RFRA law, allowing business owners to refuse service to #LGBTQ people.

Read their pastor's open letter to supporters of RFRA -->
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Semper LieslWhen churches are silent, people of faith lose their way. When churches stand up and speak out, people of faith find it, follow it and change the world. Thank you Broad Ripple for leading the way in Indiana.21 hours ago   ·  396
Sarah SmithThank you!!! Love God and Neighbor has no exceptions....21 hours ago   ·  126
Angela MegeheeMy employer has pulled out of a major conference in Indiana, because my employer's a big supporter of diversity and the law isn't... Thank you Broad Ripple (and others) for your support of diversity.20 hours ago   ·  92
Victor Calvin HoeJesus taught to love your neighbour as you love yourselves. NO EXCEPTIONS. and again, He said, judgement is mine.20 hours ago   ·  65
Patricia Van Dyke SmithIt is a shame this pastor does not truly understand the law and has bought into the liberal medias explanation, which is wrong. All anti-discrimination laws in Indiana still apply. Bill Clinton signed the same type of federal law into effect years ago. It is the same type of law that stands in 19 other states and that allowed a Muslim prisoner to wear his beard and a Pennsylvania outreach ministry to continue serving meals to the homeless. The law has little to do with gay issues as the business would have to prove in court why they are not violating anti- discrimination laws which the state has a " compelling interest" to uphold. No business has ever been successful at this. The media unfortunately has, as it often does, created a stir in order to raise an issue that will provide continued readership or viewership.17 hours ago   ·  62
Dianna BerryThank you Broad Ripple, for being the voice of so many people. So glad to see you speak up against discrimination of any kind.20 hours ago   ·  44
Erica Lyn WinansI do not understand why members of the gay community would want a wedding cake made by a bakery that doesn't want their business, or by photographers who don't want to take their picture. There are so many businesses that DO want your business! Why force someone to go against their beliefs? Even if you don't agree with them. It's like wanting to join a club that doesn't want you. How much would you enjoy being there anyhow?19 hours ago   ·  42
Alice AltThank you Broad Ripple United Methodist Church for being a beacon of hope in Indiana. I was baptized, confirmed and married here and feel so blessed to have been a part of this congregation! I now live in Waterford, MI and will be supported this same message as a delegate to the Detroit Annual Conference in May. Blessings to you! Thank you for your love and Godly leadership.20 hours ago   ·  40
Vicky Budd SharpCheering in Michigan!21 hours ago   ·  19
Susan KnightBroad Ripple takes a leadership role that the UMC has yet so far to do. Bravo!20 hours ago   ·  29
Joan HancockAfter watching G. Stephanopoulus interview Gov. Pence on TV, I must reiterate -- and I WISH reporters would READ THIS: FIRST -- FEDERAL LAW: THE FEDERAL "Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993," at section 5, Definitions, reads, in part: 4. The term "exercise of religion" means the exercise of religion under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution." ------------------------ SECOND -- INDIANA LAW: INDIANA's "Religious Freedom RestorationAct of 2015" reads, in part: Section 5: As used in this section, "exercise of religion" includes any exercise of religion, WHETHER OR NOT COMPELLED BY OR CENTRAL TO ANY SYSTEM OF BELIEF." ------------------------ IN INDIANA YOU SELECT YOUR OWN PREJUDICE AND CALL IT YOUR RELIGION.18 hours ago   ·  10
Carly SoapesProud to be a Methodist!19 hours ago   ·  10
Maddie AkeleyI hope tour statement has a broad ripple effect!20 hours ago   ·  9
Christina Martin JowersOpen Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. United Methodist Churches.20 hours ago   ·  21
Brian J. FlaxI'm just waiting for a gay person to fire a straight the bigoted idiots can yell reverse discrimination. To say that yall don't like gay people....yall sure are always up in their business. Bravo to this church. Let GOD be the judge.17 hours ago   ·  8
Nicole KingI can feel the ripple of their love, thank you!21 hours ago   ·  8
Russ Van DineIt seems that this pastor has joined the cultural thinking that some things are just not a sin anymore. If it is not culturally accepted as wrong then it is not wrong. To say that a book written 2000 years ago is not impactful with today's new version of sexuatioty is to say that God had nothing to do with writing the Bible. I think God had everything to do with writing the Bible, I think that lgbtq actions were known far and wide in Jesus day and before and I also think that the culture is a bad place to define morals.12 hours ago   ·  8
Marci GwynnGod does not disciminate. He does call sin sin!16 hours ago   ·  8
Stephen E. HancockIt's window dressing. It's the law of the land since 1993 and already in 20+ states. Much to do about nothing. Think of this: should a Jewish baker be forced under penalty of losing his business to make a birthday cake for Hitler or is it reasonable for the Jewish baker to have a religious exemption? If I bought a pig and want it slaughtered at a particular butcher but the butcher refuses because he's Muslim. Does he have a religious exemption? Why are only Christians fair game for folks to demand, DEMAND they throw aside their religious exception to PARTICIPATING in gay marriage? The left has crossed a line here.11 hours ago   ·  6
Lisa PhillipsWish EVERY church would make this stand.20 hours ago   ·  5
Charlotte WeidaHey people don't just listen to the media. Read the entire law. It gave you the right to put your sign up. Not about discrimination. So many people misinformed.15 hours ago   ·  5
Joanna GriffinJesus, or the pharisees...? I'm with Jesus all the way!20 hours ago   ·  5
Margaret BartoUMC was first in line fir abolition, women preachers, etc18 hours ago   ·  5
Chrissy Mount KappThank you and way to keep your hearts open. Sharing as I sometimes do the Art Fair in your neighborhood.20 hours ago   ·  4
Lucy RumbleAt least this pastor gets it19 hours ago   ·  4

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Thank you to all who participated in the Denver, CO Building Inclusive Church training this weekend and especially to our hosts at Iliff School of Theology and its Student Senate, UM Society, UCC Fellowship, and Park Hill UMC. We give thanks for your commitment to growing in love and justice and for the work of RMN regional organizer, Rev. Izzy Alvaran. ... See MoreSee Less

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Don CrisostomoThank you RMC.1 day ago

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Join progressive United Methodists at Gather at the River in San Antonio, Texas this August. Among other great preachers, speakers, and workshops, Jennifer Knapp will be joining us. We hope you will too! Early bird registration ends soon! Sign up today at ... See MoreSee Less

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