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An open letter to Richard Hays, Dean of The Divinity School at Duke University

From Chase Bannister Richard, My heavens - I've been reading and hearing about these last months at Duke Divinity School, and it strikes me that it is partly my r...
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Happy Halloween!

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From the Winter 1986 issue of Open Hands:

"We in the church ought to examine our role...Unless we learn from our failures and weaknesses, we will continue to be less than faithful to our calling. We can ill afford to leave people powerless and without self-determination. We can never be faithful until we learn to use the tools and resources God has given us as the body of Christ." #TBT

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Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out!
"I believe deeply in the words of MLK: 'Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?' I often challenge myself with that question, and I’ve come to realize that my desire for personal privacy has been holding me back from doing something more important. That’s what has led me to today."

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Johnny M GreenAmen...that is a great testimony.....and he is acknowledging God.....I believe that more gay people would acknowledge God if they hadn't been told that God hates them.....He loves them above measure but the religious majority has used the gay issue to further their agenda of more money for fabulous buildings and ministries that aren't helping the people that they should be helping to have a more spiritual life with Jesus Christ.....just saying!!!!!!!1 day ago   ·  48
Carrie PrittsI am happy he acknowledged God in this and credited God for the gift of his sexuality but I long for the day when someone coming out is not a news headline but an everyday occurrence.1 day ago   ·  40
Irene-Caleka Jonesagree with Carrie --awaiting the day NO ONE has to state their sexuality!1 day ago   ·  14
Step En CollinsI love working for Apple iOS Support Tier 2 the same sex benefits and the way they treat us is beyond amazing.22 hours ago   ·  6
Vernon Tobias HallI agree wholeheartedly and have lived my life that way.1 day ago   ·  6
John VeasleyIt is good that a person in such authority has the insight to recognize the plight of others.23 hours ago   ·  4
Lillian BriceWhat a Witness to All of Us ~ to the World! 💖23 hours ago   ·  3
Terry Edmonds AndersonWell put..24 hours ago   ·  3
Linda MartinI don't like apple products but amen to his life and attitude...1 day ago   ·  2
Randy BriteThank you Tim Cook, I remember how difficult it was to make the very emotional decision to come out and expose your inner person to the world. I know non-gay people wonder why we feel it is necessary and my answer is that we remove the question marks and generate trust. Humans find it difficult to trust when they sense a person is hiding something so being out is honesty. Honesty about who we are debunks all of the incorrect perceptions about gay people. Honesty allows us to finally say 'I am not afraid anymore!'2 hours ago   ·  1
Kerry Williamslike some have said here sexuality should not be an issue but yet it is .and yes it shouldn't be but it is.the the extreme , the zealots are still stoning the gays,gays are still loosing there jobs because there found out.children are still killing themselves because of being harrased by bullies.Fag is still a word being used with is important that people come out and say there gay .God loves them too .we all want the day that some ones sexuality is not that big of a deal14 hours ago   ·  1
Kathy SteinmetzI still don't want to know who is straight or gay...what does it matter? I don't put my sexuality out there for everyone to comment on and don't really care about that of others. If we truly are equals, let's stop making a big deal out of sexuality.17 hours ago   ·  1
JoAnne Sackett BeckWhat a great man.22 hours ago   ·  1
Linda Jones BerkemeierI asked a lesbian couple about 25 years ago why it seemed that they, and other such couples I knew, were so involved in social issues at a personal level. Their answer was almost identical to Tim Cook's words.1 day ago   ·  1
Alex BlankenshipValleri look!!1 day ago   ·  1
James M. FabianoCouldn't have said it better myself :)1 day ago   ·  1
Randy BriteBy the way, I came out in 1975, marched in Washington, and rediscovered my inner Christian. I was ordained in 1991, and my life is my witness to God's grace for every person.1 hour ago
Dawn HitchWonderful statement!5 hours ago
Annmarie YellicoThank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. You are brave.15 hours ago
Lavon Cole ButlerAmen, Sarah16 hours ago
Sarah VasquezJohnny - God doesnt hate the gay. He loves you and He loves me but He hates sin. Please read 1 Timothy 1:1016 hours ago
Arthur WinchWow! Never knew and never suspected! This is an awesome testimony. Thank you for coming out and making such a wonderful affirming statement, Tim!16 hours ago
Maritere JonesPure love and courage!!!16 hours ago
Millie MagnerThanks Tim. God bless.16 hours ago
Janet KliskaSo agree with Carrie. Sexuality should not be an issue. Period!21 hours ago

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