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On God and Caesar

A church that exists among the comfortable cannot be prophetic. We must put Jesus first. by Rev. Dr. Bishop Peter Storey Abridged; originally preached at FL Annua...
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Boy Scout troop loses charter over gay leader
"That's the confusing message [about the Boy Scout's policy]... To say that a boy from 8-18 can be gay, and then at 18 he's to turn off the gay? What does that mean? We are clear at Rainier Beach UMC that when we welcome all people, all means all, and you don't have to change yourself when you turn 18." #UMC
-Rev. Dr. Monica Corsaro on Last Word on MSNBC
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A Boy Scout troop in Seattle lost its charter after refusing to dismiss their openly-gay scout leader. Reverend Monica Corsar...

A Boy Scout troop in Seattle lost its charter after refusing to dismiss their openly-gay scout leader. Reverend Monica Corsaro joins Ari Melber.

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Sam MerrittA boy is good enough to earn the highest youth rank in Scouting (Eagle) but the moment he turns 18, if he is gay, he is no longer good enough to be a BSA volunteer. That really doesn't make sense.22   ·  16 hours ago

Joshua AllenLet's be fair. In The United Methodist Church, you can be gay from age 0-1000...but under current policy, you'll never be ordained if you talk about it. You can be a scout, not a can be a member, not a minister. Thank God someone is trying to change this for both institutions.15   ·  15 hours ago

Theodore JacksonSounds remotely like the #UMC. You can be gay and be laity, but as soon as you pursue ordination... BAM! "What do you do in bed?"6   ·  15 hours ago

Kimberly EmersonAmen to this troop. You don't need the permission of the BSA to be a loving, supportive community.6   ·  16 hours ago

Linda Wiss DustBy their actions, the BSA are equating homosexuality with pedaphilia which means they have made NO effort to learn what it is like to be gay or that there is a massive difference between the two. So tired of this equation! If a man is born straight, does it mean he will grow up to be a rapist?4   ·  14 hours ago

Toni FurinoWhen will people understand that being gay does not make one a predator!?!?! I think the statistics will bare that out.4   ·  15 hours ago

Janine Collinsworth MenagerAmen to UMC in Rainer beach for supporting this troop and standing by the leader. It gives me hope in our Christian tradition.3   ·  14 hours ago

Evelyn HaleThank you for taking a stand for ALL!2   ·  15 hours ago

Bobbi Marshall SundeenThis comes from a misunderstanding or confusion that gay equals pedophile. I hear it often. This is, definitely, incorrect.1   ·  16 hours ago

Jennifer DouglasI love BSA for many reasons, but this is the issue: that we must keep working for full inclusion! I was pleased with the vote last May to include boys, but it just didn't go far enough. I remain hopeful for this organization, but I realize that change does not happen overnight.1   ·  16 hours ago

M Richard TroehHe's right. It makes no sense.2   ·  16 hours ago

Don BoernerIn the United Methodist Church, can an openly gay person be positioned as a leader-- say as an ordained elder?3 hours ago

Lundi DougsdottirOK, we may have to visit your church when we are in Seattle.5 hours ago

Angela MegeheeI suspect if they continue to try to call themselves a Scout troop and such, the BSA will sue them. Oy.9 hours ago

Bunnie BryantHer Q about turning 18 must be answered by the anti-gay organization.10 hours ago

Donna TesterShame on you, BSA!!11 hours ago

Berry RogersRobert McCann13 hours ago

Jennifer FrenchI remember you from Iliff, Monica. I worked in Admissions. Great to see how many wonderful things you're doing - stand strong, you're a wonderful example for so many.13 hours ago

D'Ann PriorThe boy scouts should lose their charter to operate troops15 hours ago

Joanne Cipolla-Dennisgood..we need less bigots please1   ·  9 hours ago

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