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The UMC in 2014: It's Deja Vu All Over Again

- by Rev. Gil Caldwell, Cofounder of Truth in Progress - The continuing discussions/debates/disagreements about human sexuality and marriage equality in The Unite...
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On this Women's Equality Day, we look to the faithful life of Mother Teresa who would have celebrated her 104th birthday today. Her life challenges all of us to love as boldly and deeply as she did as we continue to work towards equality for all. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bekim AsaniShe was great person, she was born in Skopje, Macedonia and im from Macedonia...2   ·  2 days ago

Susan PapeBless her. I had the privilege of meeting her & her holding my hand as we talked. I can thank boarding school 4 that everlasting memory.2 hours ago

Lacey Lynne BonsantoAmen, Mother Teresa!5 hours ago

Lynn PetersSimple18 hours ago

NAik SurviMother..we remember ur service to humanbeings2 days ago

Nancy CraneThe most beautiful woman of our time.2 days ago

Gwen Mary Vanda-MchenryI love Mother Teresa3 days ago

Cheryl Brandner ArcherYes!!!3 days ago

Eileen Graham TschoppSharing her wish, Come Be My Light.3 days ago

Arcus Foundation - Social JusticeBeautiful.3 days ago

Mike D'Atri John BaileyShould read as Blessed Mother Teresa...2 days ago

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Remembering Michael Brown and his community as we celebrate his life today in #Ferguson. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mats Christina MartenssonBecca King whatever he was "alleged to have done" the kid was unarmed and didn't' deserve to pay with his life. that was wrong. police are supposed to be trained to shot to immobilize - like shooting in the leg. not 4 times in the arm and twice in the head. that doesn't sound like a self defence shooting. that sounds like target practise6   ·  4 days ago

Robbie MurchisonI pray for comfort and strength for the family.4   ·  4 days ago

Maripat QuinnRemember the horror of low level nazis " just following orders" if they had only combined hearts. & minds, there may have been a very different outcome.1   ·  4 days ago

Abraham hours ago

Randal ShepardWhat a bunch of mis-guided media poisoned sheep.... The facts... Michael Brown punched a policeman in the face & attempted to take His gun.... Really? I would be shot dead if I did the 1 day ago

Carol Downs BrooksCan we NAME and celebrate the lives of all children killed at the same time....not just select one?3 days ago

Cheryl Brandner ArcherAmen yet again!3 days ago

Gary KelleyAmen indeed3 days ago

Lacey Lynne BonsantoThe Mahatma Gandhi is EXACTLY right! My heart goes out to the family of young Michael Brown.4 days ago

Margaret CottonAmen4 days ago

Rodgerick Hicks TuckerKillin Gotta Stop BY R.O.D: days ago

Hiwot MehariAmen1 day ago

Ron Deets- Michael Scott3 days ago

Απόστολος ΔεκατρείςWhat many do not know is in the King James Version it says "Government" in place of Kingdom when speaking about Jehovahs Ruling Kingdom on Earth. The Anointed are HERE! Isaiah 40:26 "NOT ONE OF THEM IS MISSING " ;) They can torture my body, but as soon as I go to sleep. I leave this body and slave for the purpose of the Divine will! se'lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3 days ago

Angela CulbersonYou know they always say the police safety, what about his Michael Brown's safety? He didn't have a weapon. It's not fare whatever the out come may be the police have to answer to God and all of our other brothers killers. God don't tolerate killing. My prayers goes out to the family. Michael Brown rip4 days ago

Angela CulbersonSo sad, my prayers goes out to Michael's family. I pray for Justice. Of course I celebrate all children and pray for their families. Michael Brown is just the recent one.2 days ago

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